Units waste management service levels

The waste entitlement per unit property is:

120L of waste per week - provided as 1x240L shared between 2 units or 1x660L shared between 5.5 units.

120L of recycling per week - provided as 1x240L paper shared between 4 units & 1x240L mixed recycling shared between 4 units or 660L bins paper shared between 11 units. Mixed recycling bins are not available in 660L bins.



Rate Code


Frequency Of Collection

Residential Waste Charge Home Unit 120L


Shared 240L or 660L waste and recycling bins (green waste is option for fee)


Residential Waste Charge Home Unit 240L


240L Waste for individual unit and shared recycling bins(green waste is option for fee)


UnitsOptional Green waste bin

Non Rate

Per 360Lgreen waste bin(charged separately to property rates)


Service charges can be viewed on the Waste Management Service Charge page.