Adult classes


Semester 2 2018

  • Term 3: 22 July - 22 September
  • Term 4: 15 October - 15 December

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Semester 1 2019

  • Term 1: 29 January - 1 April
  • Term 2: 29 April - 1 July

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Botanical Art

Botanical Art

Join a supportive daytime group and learn the exciting art of botanical painting and drawing.
type writer

Creative writing and cultural studies

Great classes for the creative thinkers and writers amongst us.

Drawing and mixed media

Explore drawing media techniques and be guided through the basic principles of drawing.
glass art

Glass art

Learn to make unique creations in clear and coloured glass.


Learn how to play the guitar. Classes for both beginner and advanced students.
life drawing lady

Life drawing and painting

Express and explore the drawing experience while observing the figure.
Minature Art and Small Paintings

Miniature art and small paintings

Learn the art of creating small paintings and artworks.


Learn design, surface preparation, cutting and laying techniques to create your own unique mosaic piece.
Painting - Oils and Acrylics

Painting - oils and acrylics

Explore and discover the endless possibilities of painting with oil and acrylics.
Pottery and Sculpture

Pottery and sculpture

Have fun and explore the tactile qualities of working with clay.

Printmaking and collage

Explore the possibilities and stimulate your creativity with these alternative art-making processes. Use professional techniques and experiment with materials in friendly and supportivesurroundings.
Sacred Heart Locket


Learn to create beautiful jewellery using a variety of materials and tools.


Enjoy the beauty and magic of watercolour.