Creative writing and cultural studies

The Art Centre offers classes for all levels of experience and ability. Our classes are held in light, airy studios providing a stimulating atmosphere in which to work. For more information on our kids, teens or adult day and night classes contact the Ku-ring-gai Art Centre on 9424 0310 or

Semester 1 2019

  • Term 1: 29 January - 1 April
  • Term 2: 29 April - 1 July

Creative writing 

When: Wednesday
Time: 9.30am - 12pm
Fee: $230 for a 9 week term
Tutor:  Susan Temby
Course No: 21

"We always think the thing we need to transform everything - the miracle - is elsewhere, but often it is right next to us. Sometimes it is us, ourselves". - Jeanette Winterson

Creative Writing is an art, and like painting, sculpture or composing music it requires technique in order to facilitate the imagination. In this class we learn technique and we practice it. Classes include: Writing as Discovery; Detail; Metaphor and Imagery; Narrative Strategies; Vulnerability; Extreme Writing; Truth, Originality and Dialogue; Voice; The Rut and The Groove; The Conscious, The Unconscious and the Self-conscious; Mood; Poetics; Paradox; Editing and many more. 

We learn to support each other and reveal our differences. Beginners are absorbed and gently brought on by contact with more experienced students. We produce a booklet of work at year’s end and go on an inspirational excursion.

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