Creative writing and cultural studies

The Art Centre offers classes for all levels of experience and ability. Our classes are held in light, airy studios providing a stimulating atmosphere in which to work. For more information on our kids, teens or adult day and night classes contact the Ku-ring-gai Art Centre on 9424 0310 or

Semester 1 2020

• Term 1: 28 January - 30 March
• Term 2: 27 April - 29 June

Bookings open 24 June

Creative writing 

When: Wednesday
Time: 9.30am - 12pm
Fee: $245 for a 9 week term
Tutor:  Susan Temby
Course No: 20

"We always think the thing we need to transform everything - the miracle - is elsewhere, but often it is right next to us. Sometimes it is us, ourselves". - Jeanette Winterson

Creative Writing is an art, and like painting, sculpture or composing music it requires technique in order to facilitate the imagination. Classes include: Writing as Discovery; Detail; Metaphor and Imagery; Narrative Strategies; Vulnerability; Extreme Writing; Truth, Originality and Dialogue; Voice; The Rut and The Groove; The Conscious, The Unconscious and the Self-conscious; Mood; Poetics; Paradox; Editing and many more. 

We learn to support each other and reveal our differences. Beginners are absorbed and gently brought on by contact with more experienced students. We produce a booklet of work at year’s end and go on an inspirational excursion.

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