Weekend and short courses


The Art Centre offers classes for all levels of experience and ability. Our classes are held in light, airy studios providing a stimulating atmosphere in which to work. For more information on our kids, teens or adult day and night term classes contact the Ku-ring-gai Art Centre on 9424 0310 or artcentre@kmc.nsw.gov.au.

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January summer school

Week life drawing intensive #70

Tutor: Paul Miller

Dates: Tuesday 2 - Saturday 6 January 2018 (5 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $525 inc. model sessions

Develop a number of longer drawings from a life model, exploring the vitality and expressiveness of the human form. Experiment with all sorts of media to build up drawing skills, develop your personal approach and further your understanding of the life model. Be bold, be expressive and be totally involved in the life drawing process. Suitable for advanced and beginner drawers, but be prepared to work hard for the week.

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Art entree #71

Tutor: Mitzi Vardill

Dates: Wednesday 3 - Friday 5 January 2018 (3 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $350*

Is 2018 the year you are going to be creative but you don’t know what you are going to do? You are faced with materials lists which don’t make sense and once you have made the investment – will you like it? Try Art Entrée! Art Entrée is a three day workshop where the materials are included. You will get to have hands-on experience in charcoal, graphite, pastel, acrylic, oils and watercolour. The different skills and techniques required will be explained, and exercises included. There will also be time for you to explore a chosen medium more thoroughly.

Art Entrée is a platter of mediums from which you can choose and is under the expert tutelage of Mitzi Vardill, an experienced teacher and artist. For the absolute beginner and the undecided.

Day 1 Morning - Drawing - charcoal/graphite

Afternoon: Pastel/watercolour

Day 2 Morning: Acrylics

Afternoon: Oils

Day 3 Morning: Pastel/watercolour

Afternoon: Self Directed - using any of the above

*Most materials provided! Great value workshop. Would make an excellent gift for the aspiring artist.

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Mixed media on paper #72

Tutor: Stephanie Galloway-Brown

Dates: Saturday 6 - Monday 8 January 2018 (3 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm


Sat: Planning compositions from still life and /or landscape

Sun: Using water based paints, collage, ink and oil pastels

Mon: Towards abstraction

Fee: $300

In this three day workshop you will learn about composition, colour, tone and texture using mixed media on paper. We will use watercolour, gouache and /or acrylics, inks, oil pastels and watercolour pencils. Demonstrations of techniques will be shown and individual tuition and guidance given. Individual expression will be encouraged. This workshop will be full of information and ideas.

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Weekend workshops 2018 - bookings open 28 November 2017

Term 1

Oil painting made easy #126

Tutor: Kevin McKay

Date: Sunday 11 and Sunday 18 February (2 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $280

This two day workshop demystifies traditional materials and methods, and leads students through the essential skills of objective painting with a series of still life tonal studies. You will learn how to paint objects from life in correct proportion, the secrets of perspective and how to render the effect of light and shadow that will bring convincing 3D illusion to your canvas. Perfect for beginners or those with prior experience who would like to learn to paint in oil or acrylic.

Sandcast bronze sculpture #127

Tutor: Richard Byrnes

Date: Sunday 25 February and Sunday 11 March (2 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 2pm

Fee: $220*

Casting in bronze is often regarded as the pinnacle of sculpture yet the costs and procedures involved in the classic lost wax method often places it outside the access of most artists. Sandcasting offers a means of casting in bronze that is much lower in cost and is more direct and accessible, particularly for emerging artists. This two day workshop will provide the opportunity to create a small cast bronze sculpture at a price that is affordable to anyone.

Day 1: An overview of the techniques of sandcasting and lost wax techniques is outlined by the tutor. Students are directed in the fabrication of a series of sculptures. A selected small sculpture is prepared for sandcasting and sent to he foundry to be cast in bronze.

Day 2: The cast bronzes are returned to the students and they are instructed in the techniques of grinding and filing the bronze castings to a fine finish. The application of patination and waxing are also covered to produce a fine bronze sculpture.

*All tools and materials are provided. The bronze casting is $200, and this can be given directly to the tutor on Day 1. No previous sculpture experience is required.

Introduction to watercolours #128

Tutor: Shipra Shah

Date: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 March (2 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $280

Watercolour is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution which gives beautiful, delicate results to any artwork. The class starts with a brief introductions in watercolour and further elaborates in the prerequisites of watercolour art through exercises in colouring with shading and light and tone. The students will progress towards the finer details of the object by attempting a small object/composition in watercolour. This workshop aims to develop skills and confidence in outline drawing, tonal rendering, and watercolour application in a short period of time. It is perfect for busy office going people who want to unwind on a weekend with art and learn valuable watercolour techniques in a few hours.

By the end of this workshop the participants will have the knowledge of:

  • Basics of watercolour application
  • Creating light and tone in an object to create depth
  • Detailing in an object with watercolours
  • Confidence to attempt an object independently
  • Main principles of using watercolours

Suitable for both intermediate and beginner levels.

Acrylic - paint it thin #129

Tutor: Mitzi Vardill

Date: Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March (2 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $280

Glazing is a traditional technique employed by all painters. Acrylics have unique properties and glazing with this medium can offer the painter much more. This workshop goes  past transparency, embraces the opaque and looks at the possibilities of enriching the painted surface. The participants in this workshop will increase their knowledge of acrylic paint, gain understanding of acrylic mediums, colour control and composition, and improve their painting techniques. Come and play with the Thin.

Term 2

Clay sculpture from life #130

Tutor: Richard Byrnes

Date: Sunday 20 May (1 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $180 including model

Capture the dynamism of volumes of the female figure in clay. Working from direct observation of the life model, students will create sculptures in clay. Instruction will be given in proportion, structure and topography of the human body. These works will be fired at a later date. Bring along paper and your favourite drawing medium. all tools, clay and model provided. No previous experience required and beginners welcome.

Develop your painting - creating atmosphere and light #131

Tutor: Kevin McKay

Date: Sunday 27 May and Sunday 3 June (2 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $280

Discover how the dynamic power of colour can help you amplify the luminous quality of light and bring nuanced tonal harmonies to your painting. This course will introduce you to classical techniques and show you how to apply them with a more colourful and contemporary pallet, improving your ability to make objects/figures appear solid, enhance the illusion of space, and bring mood and drama to your painting. Perfect for students with some prior experience who wish to develop and improve their oil or acrylic painting skills.

The fine mark - pen and ink #132

Tutor: Mitzi Vardill

Date: Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June (2 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $280

Often pen and ink is feared because it is monochromatic and non-corrective, but it is just as unforgiving as watercolour. Each artwork is the culmination of a series of lines and dots, which when places together, describe a face, a flower or landscape. The focus of this workshop is not about drawing an accurate shape but gaining control of the cumulative effects of the strokes. Once you understand the nature of those effects you can master the techniques and you can control the process as you wish. All levels welcome.

Rock guitar workshop #133

Tutor: Eugene Mitchell

Date: Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June (2 day workshop)

Time: 10am - 4.30pm

Fee: $280

This Rock Guitar workshop is for someone who has had from 18 months to 2 years of guitar playing experience, has developed a working knowledge of bar chords and power chords, and can play in the open position the following chords; major, minor and 7th chords.

This workshop will be multi layered, starting with learning rock songs, then working on your rock techniques by using musical exampled to develop rhythm guitar playing and soloing skills. This course aims to provide an interesting selection of Rock, Punk, Metal, Ska and Pop from around the world, ranging from the modern through to the classics.