Creator Club


Looking for a space to make, play, and be an ‘out of the box’ thinker? Creator Clubs include Lego, K’nex, 3D printing, craft and more. Come, explore and create with us!

The challenges set for each club will rotate across the four Ku-ring-gai Library locations, so if you feel like bettering your designs, you are welcome to drop in and participate at more than one location.

Please note that younger children in Kindergarten – Year 2 will require a parent or carer. All parents and carers are welcome!

No bookings required. Just drop in and have fun.

Lego Club

Building challenges will be set for an individual as well as chances to work with a partner or two.

Crafternoon Club

A themed craft will be run, where materials will be made available for children to design their own masterpieces.

Game Club

Test your game skills against a worthy opponent with an assortment of board games.

K’nex Club

Simple machine building challenges will be set for small teams.

Dates and times

Each session will run from 4–5pm.

Turramurra   St Ives
Club When   Club When
Lego Monday 4 February   Lego Tuesday 12 February
Game Monday 18 February   Game Tuesday 26 February
K'nex Monday 4 March   K'nex Tuesday 12 March
Craft Monday 18 March   Craft Tuesday 26 March
Lego Monday 1 April   Lego Tuesday 9 April
Game Monday 15 April   Game Tuesday 23 April
K'nex Monday 29 April   K'nex Tuesday 7 May
Craft Monday 13 May   Craft Tuesday 21 May
Lego Monday 27 May   Lego Tuesday 4 June
  Public Holiday   Game Tuesday 18 June
K'nex Monday 24 June   K'nex Tuesday 2 July


Gordon   Lindfield
Club When   Club   When
Game Wednesday 13 February   Game Thursday 7 February
Lego Wednesday 27 February   Lego Thursday 21 February
Craft Wednesday 13 March   Craft Thursday 7 March
K'nex Wednesday 27 March   K'nex Thursday 21 March
Game Wednesday 10 April   Game Thursday 4 April
Lego Wednesday 24 April   Lego Thursday 18 April
Craft Wednesday 8 May   Craft Thursday 2 May
K'nex Wednesday 22 May   K'nex Thursday 16 May
Game Wednesday 5 June   Game Thursday 30 May
Lego Wednesday 19 June   Lego Thursday 13 June
Craft Wednesday 3 July   Craft Thursday 27 June