Book, film and recipe clubs


Flavours 101 - Recipes and more (new to the library)

When: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 10.30am - 12noon

Where: Gordon Library

A social club where we talk about recipes, cooking tips and eating out experiences. Bring a favourite recipe or a new recipe that you have tried out to share with the group and expand your gastronomic horizons.

Get inspired by our cookbooks!

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Book Clubs

All the below book clubs are currently full

Our book clubs give you a chance to expand your reading horizons and meet fellow bookworms!

To register or find out more, please contact your local library.

Gordon Book Club

  • Book Club 1 - 2nd Monday, 10.30am 
  • Book Club 2 - 4th Tuesday, 6.30pm
  • Book Club 3 - 4th Friday, 10.30am 
  • Book Club 4 - 4th Thursday, 6.30pm
  • Book Club 5 - 3rd Wednesday, 10.30am
  • Book Club 6 - 1st Tuesday, 10.30am - places currently available

Lindfield Book Club

  • Monday Book Club - 2nd Monday, 1pm
  • Tuesday Book Club - 3rd Tuesday, 1pm
  • Friday Book Club - 2nd Friday, 10.30am

St Ives Book Club

  • Tuesday Book Club - 1st Tuesday, 1pm
  • Friday Book Club - 2nd Friday, 10.30am

Turramurra Book Club

  • Second Saturday Book Club - 2nd Saturday, 10.30am
  • Third Tuesday Book Club - 3rd Tuesday, 2pm
  • Third Saturday Book Club - 3rd Saturday, 10.30am
  • Fourth Saturday Book Club - 4th Saturday, 10.30am

Recipe Club at St Ives Library

A book club for foodies!

The Recipe Club meets once a month and every month is a different theme. For novices or expert chefs – just bring your love of cooking (and eating!). 

Participants choose recipes from our cookbooks, magazines, and DVDs, based on the monthly theme, then they make a recipe or two at home.  At the next meeting you can share what you liked or disliked about the recipes – maybe even share a few photos of your creations. 

  • First Friday Recipe Club, 10am - 11am (places available)
  • Third Friday Recipe Club, 10am - 11am (places available)

Bookings essential. Tel: 9424 0453 Email: