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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Quick Pick collection"?

The Quick Pick collection is a new collection of some of the most in demand materials in the library.

How long can I borrow a Quick Pick item?

Quick pick items can be loaned for one week only with no renewals.

Can I reserve or get a Quick Pick item transferred?

Items in the collection cannot be reserved or transferred. Items are displayed in a special area and are on a first come first served basis. 

I reserved an item that is available in the Quick Pick collection! Can I get a refund?

Reserving an item guarantees you get it once it is your turn. Quick Pick items however cannot be reserved. Because of this there are no guarantees for the Quick Pick Collection.

Are there Justices of the Peace at the library?

Yes, Justices of the Peace are available at Gordon and Turramurra libraries. Read more on the library's JP service 

What protection is there for my personal information?

Application for library membership requires you to provide personal information as defined in the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. This information will only be used within Ku-ring-gai Council. The supply of this information is voluntary, however, if you do not wish to provide any of the information sought it will not be possible to process your application.

How many items can I borrow?

Up to 30 items can be borrowed at any one time, regardless of the format of the item.

How long can I keep the items I borrow?

All loans are four weeks, except for items that have further reserves allocated on them and items from the HSC collection which have a loan period of seven days. Reserved in demand items have a loan period of two-weeks only. Occasionally the library reserves the right to limit seasonally popular materials, such as Easter and Christmas books.

How do I renew an item on loan to me?

You can renew items in person, over the phone or via the Library's online catalogue for a further four weeks if they have not been reserved by another library member. Items can only be renewed twice.

Can I reserve items from other branches?

Items at other branches can be transferred to a different branch at no charge. Contact library staff who can do this for you. There is a limit of 5 items at a time.

Can I reserve items that are currently on loan?

You can place a reservation on items that are currently on loan and you will be notified when they are ready for you to collect. There is a charge of $2 for adult items or 50 cents for junior items. Reservations can be placed via our online catalogue or library staff can assist you.

How do I log onto my library account?

Visit our online catalogue and log in using your library card ID and PIN number. You can get your PIN in person at your local library.

Can I change my details online?

You can change your PIN and email address by logging onto your library account and clicking on the 'Personal Details' tab. For other changes please contact your library.

Does the library charge fines for overdue items?

Yes, the library charges 25 cents per item per day, up to a maximum of $14 per item.

Quick pick collection items are $1.00 per day to a maximum of $14.

  • A customer cannot borrow or reserve items while there are fines owing.
  • No overdue fines apply if a customer pays for a lost/damaged item. However, replacement fees and processing charges will apply.
  • Fines are calculated from the close of business.

Can I return books to any branch of Ku-ring-gai Library?

Yes, items borrowed from any branch of Ku-ring-gai Library can be returned to either Gordon, Lindfield, St Ives or Turramurra libraries. Please take care that you don't return books to school libraries or other public libraries outside the Ku-ring-gai area. You are responsible for any item incorrectly returned to libraries other than Ku-ring-gai Libraries.

Can I borrow books from libraries outside the Ku-ring-gai area?

Yes. Ku-ring-gai Library provides an Inter-Library Loan service to assist members with accessing material not available at their local library. There is a charge of $7.50 per request (non-refundable).

Most public libraries will allow you to join as a reciprocal member if you would prefer to borrow an item in person. If the item is only available through a university of special library, an extra fee of $9 will apply, payable on collection.

How should I care for library materials?

Some library materials are very expensive, so please treat them with care. CDs and DVDs are fragile, so please take care to not scratch them. Please report damaged or faulty items to staff.

What do I do if I lose or damage an item that is on loan to me?

If you lose or damage any item you have borrowed, you will be charged for the cost of the item plus a $17.00 non refundable processing fee. Please note that replacement copies will not be accepted.
If you find the lost book you can get a refund on the cost of the book, but not the processing charge. Also the refund is valid if it is returned to the library in good condition and within three months of being paid for.

What do I do if my library card is lost or stolen?

It is important to report the loss of your library card to library staff as soon as possible to prevent its unauthorised use. A replacement card can be issued in person from any library for a charge of $7.50. You will need to show proof of identity, with address and signature.

What do I do if I change my address?

You will need to visit one of our libraries and show us identification with your signature and your new address or alternatively log onto your profile and update your details online.

What do I do if I legally change my name?

Bring documentary proof of your new name and your signature to one of our libraries. We will cancel the card with your old name and issue you with a new card.

Does the library have any charges?

Yes. Charges are made for a number of services and facilities, including:

Reservations (to be paid at the time of placement or when you next visit the library):

  • Junior members: $0.50
  • Adult members: $2 these to be paid at the time of placement or when you next visit the library (non-refundable).

Inter-Library Loans (items not in the collection):

  • $7.50 for all library members if item is sourced from a non-fee charging library, or
  • $16.50 if item is only available through a fee charging institution such as a university or special library - fee passed on from lending institution (non-refundable).

Articles obtained from another library:

  • $16.50 per article up to 50 pages, then
  • $4.00 for every 50 additional pages

Library card replacement: $7.50

Programs and workshops: Prices vary, refer to program

Study Room hire: $2.00 booking fee (non-refundable)

Replacement of lost or damaged items: Cost of the item, plus $17 processing charge

Photographer's fee:

  • $3.50 per print up to 21.5cm x 16.5cm
  • $7.50 per 25cm x 2cm print and larger

Research service: $160 per hour

Colour printing in the ezone: $1.00 per A4 page

Black and white printing in the ezone: 20 cents per A4 page

Does the library have photocopiers?

All four of Ku-ring-gai's libraries have colour photocopiers. View pricing below.

Black and white copying

  • 20 cents per black and white A4 page (self service)
  • 40 cents per black and white A3 page (self service)

Colour copying

  • $1.00 per colour A4 page (self service)
  • $2.00 per colour A3 page (self service)

Microfilm / Microfiche copying (available at Gordon only)

  • 20 cents per black and white page (self service)

Does the library have word processing facilities?

Yes, word processing plus other Microsoft Office applications (2003) are available. These are installed on computers located in the ezone at each branch. You can book an ezone computer using your library card memberships number and PIN. There is no booking fee.

If you’re not a local resident you can access the ezone as a guest user by showing valid ID to a member of library staff.

Does the library have public access to the Internet?

Yes, there are public access Internet computers in the ezone at all libraries. Access is free. If you want to print information, charges apply - 20 cents per page for black and white or 50 cents per page for colour. The library also supplies a wireless internet hot-spot at most branches for those patrons with Wi-Fi compatible devices.

Does the library have email facilities?

Yes, all libraries have access to web-based email services. These are accessed through the ezone. The ezone does not have email applications installed.

Does the library have study rooms for use?

There are study rooms available for use at Gordon Library. There are three study rooms in Gordon Library. Gordon is the only location with this facility. Rooms seat up to six people and can be booked for a two-hour period each day. A booking fee of $2.00 applies and must be paid for in advance at the library. These rooms are for private use and not commercial use ie. private/community group study only and does not include tutor services.

If you require a larger space please see Council's halls and meeting rooms for hire.

Does the library support the Duke of Edinburgh program?

Yes but with limitations see below:

  • Ku-ring-gai Library will take requests from students interested in completing BRONZE LEVEL Duke of Edinburgh Award only. 
  • One student per branch will be accommodated at any one time.
  • Emailed requests should be sent to and will include the following information:
    • Name and contact details
    • Length of service – 3 months or 6 months if the student has chosen Service as a Major Section of their award.
    • Preferred Ku-ring-gai Library Branch (this is dependent upon availability)
  • The Gordon Branch Librarian will allocate students to a branch (depending upon availability) and the allocated Branch Librarian will then become the supervisor and signatory of documentation for the student.
  • Students will participate in an orientation session at Gordon including a ‘behind the scenes’ tour that includes admin designed to help students understand how different aspects of the library work together to provide the library service. This session will also include a general overview of any expectations and logistics.

Will the library come to visit me?

Yes, the Library has a home library service and a Libraribus.

How can I assist the library?

There are several things you can do to assist us. They include:

  • Adhere to Library regulations (copies kept at all libraries)
  • Return items on time and in good condition
  • Respect the rights of other library users
  • Notify us if you change your address
  • Report your lost card immediately
  • Suggest stock for us to purchase
  • Do not bring hot food or large bags into the library

Can I donate items to the library?

Ku-ring-gai Library welcomes donations and bequests, however they are only added to the collection if they meet the Collection Development Policy criteria. Donations can be a valuable addition to the Library's collection, especially if they relate to the local government area. Please note that:

  • Donations that do not meet the selection criteria may not be accepted.
  • All donated material becomes the property of the Library and the decision to retain or dispose of a donated resource will be the responsibility of the Library without consultation with the original owner.
  • Donations may be recycled.

Donations may not be accepted:

  • If the donor wishes to place any limitations on its use or disposal.
  • If the items are not in good condition.
  • Subject books older than 2 years.

It is advisable to contact the Library before donating items.

Community noticeboard guidelines

Each Ku-ring-gai Library has a community noticeboard to display information about community groups, services, facilities, programs and events in the local area. If you have a notice for display in our libraries please read our Community Noticeboard Guidelines (pdf. 921KB).