Preschool programs at the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden are engaging, hands-on experiences that leave all of our participants with a sense of connectedness, appreciation and stewardship for the natural world.

Belonging, being and becoming

The Wildflower Garden is a special place where children can connect with their environment through investigative learning with our experienced rangers. Designed to complement in-class teaching, our programs provide a valuable opportunity for children to explore, create, question, communicate and come to understand their world. They address a number of learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework.

Your visit to the Wildflower Garden

After a special Wildflower Garden welcome, each excursion program begins with a Discovery Session, which might involve storytelling, meeting some captive animals up close, or a hands-on investigation activity such as a bug hunt or making a frog pond. After a break, we’ll head out into the bush to explore natural habitats. We might even visit our demonstration organic garden or sample native foods. Groups are welcome to use our picnic areas for morning tea before the program or lunch after.

When the Wildflower Garden comes to you!

All of our topics are also available as incursions for preschools and early learning centres within Ku-ring-gai. These programs are shorter in duration because there is no bushwalk included. A single visit could include a separate session (same topic) for different classrooms, each lasting 30-45 minutes.


Excursions: $305 per class

Incursions: $173 per hour (within 15km of the Wildflower Garden)

These fees are valid until June 30, 2021.

Bookings and further information

You can request further details using our Environmental Education Enquiry form below or contact the Wildflower Garden office on 9424 0353 or to discuss dates and make your booking.


Choose your excursion from the following

Bush Buddies

We share our world with lots of amazing creatures. In this program, we’ll have a close encounter with creatures that have six legs, creatures with scales, creatures that love to swim, and creatures that love to eat snails! We’ll find out where they live and what they have for lunch. Out in the bush we’ll be looking for animal homes, and finding the kinds of clues that good bush detectives might use to find creatures in the wild.

Sensory Explorers

Let’s go exploring out in the bush! Find out what a ranger carries in their backpack, and what’s in your very own Explorer’s Kit that will help you use all five of your senses when you’re outside in nature. We’ll listen to the songs of birds and insects, meet and touch some friendly native reptiles, develop our observation skills, and find out how plants use smells and aromas to attract bees and repel nasty bugs.

Dreaming Stories

We can come to understand our local plants and animals using stories from indigenous culture. We’ll begin by hearing a local dreaming story from the Hawkesbury area called Wargan the Crow. We’ll get to know two native animals, a bluetongue lizard and a turtle, and hear their dreaming stories from around the country. Out in the bush, we’ll visit native food and remedy plants and have a go at making paint from ochre rocks.

Helping Hands

Starting with the classic children’s book, Lester and Clyde, this program explores how we can care for our animal friends through choices we make in our daily lives about conservation and sustainable living. We’ll meet some real live frogs and find out what frogs need to stay healthy and happy in their habitats. In a visit to our organic garden, we’ll learn about how the actions of people may affect our local frogs. Children will have the opportunity to help construct a frog pond to provide a home for frogs.