Sculpture Walk 2019 terms and conditions


It is important that artists adhere to the following terms:

  1. The artist agrees not to issue media releases without the written consent of the Coordinator.
  2. Artists agree that their sculpture(s) will not affect the environment or road in any lasting way (eg. rocks cannot be drilled into, trees cannot be cut back or drilled into, and labelled plants cannot be disturbed in any way).
  3. Once proposals are accepted for exhibition, they cannot be substantially changed.
  4. For any sculpture that utilises sound, please submit a recording or a detailed description of the sound.
  5. All directions and requests from Ku-ring-gai Council Officers or public authorities (eg. NSW Police) and exhibition staff must be complied with.
  6. All selected artists must provide a daytime contact number or mobile phone number during the exhibition. This contact number will only be displayed next to the artwork if the artist has granted permission. Note: by submitting an application you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions laid out in this document. The terms of this agreement apply into the future and are not limited to the year of exhibition.
  7. No photographs taken of the exhibition can be used for commercial purposes (ie. for sale or licence) except where agreed to in writing with event organisers. Photos maybe used for promotion of the exhibition or Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden, as outlined below:
  • Artists own the copyright of their work but agree Ku-ring-gai Council have the right to reproduce images of sculptures to be exhibited that are submitted by the artist for pre-selection and any images of the work in the exhibition for the exhibition catalogue, publicity, advertising or archival purposes in any manner connected with the exhibition or its sponsors.
  • Should you wish to use images of your work taken at the exhibition for any promotional purposes including social media, websites, opening invitations, or photos submitted to publications please notify us by email to:, credit the exhibition and include a hyperlink to Council's Wildflower Art and Garden Festival webpage.

Entry checklist

Completed entry form including either:

  • drawings and a description for works that are in progress, or
  • photographs of your work labelled with name, title and correct way to view indicated.
  • Current resume (maximum of 2 x A4 pages, minimum of 12pt font).
  • Examples of recent works to support your application (optional).
  • Marked photographs of your preferred sites (optional).

All materials supplied must be a maximum of A4 size. Please do not send maquettes, original photographs, drawings or designs.

Do not bind or send your application in a folder.

Submit online or email by 5pm 15 July 2019 to