Sculpture Walk FAQs

The Wildflower Art and Garden Festival is an annual celebration at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden in St Ives. The festival is held in August, and includes a Sculpture Walk, where local artists are invited to create on-theme sculptures to be displayed throughout the Wildflower Garden for the festival’s duration.

How to enter

You can enter either using the online form, the pdf version of the form (pdf. 547KB) and emailing completed PDF form, or posting to the below address.
Wildflower Art and Garden Festival
Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden
420 Mona Vale Road
St Ives NSW 2075 


All materials and all types and forms of sculpture and installation are eligible for entry.

There are no maximum allowable dimensions per individual piece but when submitting works artists are required to consider safety, ease of installation and removal, the environment and the ability of their work to withstand sun, wind, rain and wildlife.

The Junior Sculpture Walk category is open to artists 12 years and under. Junior Sculptures will be judged separately and winners will receive a sustainability prize pack.

Work health and safety

The artist is responsible for ensuring the installation remains safe at all times. All instruction from the Coordinator must be complied with promptly. Artists are required to state how artworks are to be installed on the Application Form and artworks will be assessed for safety after installation.

Please note that works considered unsafe by the Selection Panel will be ineligible.

Available sites for sculptures

Artists are encouraged to visit the areas in and around Caley’s Pavilion and Bidwell’s Clearing within the Wildflower Garden to view the sites before submitting an application.

Sites are available on both sides of the lower part of the Access Road, within Bidwell’s Clearing and within the Caley’s Pavilion Garden.

As this is a sustainable outdoor event no sculptures will be exhibited within Caley’s Pavilion.

Restricted sites

Some parts of the site are restricted in order to protect the safety of people, artworks and the environment. The final decision on all sites will be at the discretion of the Coordinator and discussion will not be entered into.

Site selection and additional information

Artists whose works are chosen for exhibition will be notified by Friday 26 July 2019.

The final site selection for all sculptures in the exhibition is the decision of the Selection Panel which will be made up of industry peers and Council staff / Councillors.

The Selection Panel reserves the right to invite artists into the exhibition without application and these artists will not be eligible for awards. Discussion will not be entered into.

Artists are invited to inspect the site at any time – WFG open 8am – 5pm daily but specific inspection times will be scheduled in.

Completion date for all selected sculptures

All selected sculptures must be completed by Friday 16 August 2019.

1 and up to 3 photographs of the completed sculpture must be provided by Friday 16 August 2019.

Transportation to and from the site

Artists are responsible for the transportation of their sculptures to and from the exhibition site. Artists must remove all packaging materials from the site, and are liable for any damage that may ensue as a result of installation or de-installation of their artworks.

Installation and de-installation

Installation will take place on Thursday 22 August 2019 between 8am and 5pm.

Earlier installation can be arranged by negotiation with the events team.

Artists will have a day to install their work. All responsibility, including cost, for the installation and de-installation of artworks belongs to the artist. If you need extra hands, bring them along.

It is a condition of exhibiting that:

  • Selected artists provide a written description of the process to install and de-install their sculpture prior to installation;
  • All selected artists are to have a daytime contact number or mobile telephone number during installation, the exhibition and de-installation days;
  • Artists provide a photo of the completed sculpture 
  • Artists agree that their sculptures will not affect the environment or road  in any lasting way (e.g. rocks cannot be drilled into, trees cannot be cut back or drilled into, and labelled plants cannot be disturbed in any way).
  • De-installation of sculptures will commence at 8am on Monday 2 September 2019 and all sculptures are to be removed by the exhibiting artist by 5pm unless otherwise negotiated with the Event Coordinator.
  • All sites must be returned to their original condition by each exhibiting artist.

Entry fee

There is no entry fee.

Each individual can submit up to a maximum of 3 separate sculptures for pre-selection. A separate set of application documents must be submitted for each entry.


Entries may be labelled Not For Sale (NFS) or sold privately after the exhibition by arrangement between artist and potential buyer. Artists must give permission if they wish a contact telephone number to be displayed with their sculpture or included in the exhibition catalogue.

Security, liability and insurance

Artists exhibit at their own risk and insurance is the artist’s responsibility. The Wildflower Garden staff will exercise all reasonable care, but are not responsible for loss or damage to any work while in its custody, during transit or on exhibition.

In the event an artist does not have a Public Liability Policy, Council will arrange insurance under its own policy within reasonable constraints.