Casual hire terms and conditions

1. Land and facilities available for casual hire

  • Tennis courts
  • Parks
  • St Ives Showground facilities
  • Sportsgrounds and associated facilities
  • Community halls and meeting rooms

2. Applications

All applications for casual arrangements must be made in writing. Bookings will only be confirmed and entered into Council's booking system once the following have been received:

  • completed application form
  • signed acceptance of terms and conditions of hire
  • full payment
  • copy of current Public Liability Insurance documents ($20 million) naming Ku-ring-gai Council and the relevant Minister as Interested Parties, or payment of applicable fees for coverage under Council's insurance provider
  • Bond (if applicable)

The hirer is responsible for ensuring all details and hire arrangements are confirmed prior to commencement of hire.

Hire applications are valid from the commencement and termination times, as specified on the application form. If additional bookings are required, an additional application must be submitted.

3. Hirer's contact person

The nominated person on the application form is deemed the primary booking contact person and the person responsible for managing the booking, payment and all obligations under the agreement. 

A second person can be nominated, who will be held jointly and severally responsible for all obligations under the agreement.

4. Booking priority

When Clause 2 conditions are satisfied, bookings are entered into Council's booking system and confirmed. Land and facilities subject to leases, licences and permanent hire agreements are always given priority over casual bookings.

5. Fees and charges

All bookings will be charged according to Council's adopted and current fees and charges. Extra charges can be levied at Council's discretion based on additional service requirements or penalty rates.

6. Hours of use

  • Parks and sportsgrounds - 8am - 6pm
  • Floodlit areas - until 9.30pm excluding weekends and public holidays
  • Community halls and meeting rooms - 8am - 12am

7. Bonds and keys

A cash bond may be required depending on the land or facility hired. It is the responsibility of the hirer to submit the bond with all completed paperwork.

The hirer will be responsible for the cost of any damage caused to the grounds, building or contents. Bonds will be refunded subject to the hired facility being in the same condition as it was prior to hire. Any costs incurred by Council or its agents will be deducted from the cash bond, prior to return to the hirer. Additional charges will be disclosed on the invoice provided.

Council is not responsible for any loss or damage to any property belonging either to the hirer or any other person attending during the hire period.

Keys or passes are provided to the hirer upon booking confirmation and processing of payment. Keys are to be collected from Council Chambers. Keys must be returned to Council on the first working day after a hire period. In the event of keys being lost or not returned, there will be a charge for replacement of the key which will be deducted from the bond.

Keys must not be passed to any other person or organisation.

All oval hire includes the use of the amenities block (toilet and change rooms) where applicable. Toilets at parks and sportsgrounds are open at all times.

8. Condition of hired land and/or facility

It is the responsibility of the hirer to inspect the hired facility and/or land prior to the commencement of the hire period to ensure its condition is fit for purpose. Any issues should be reported to Council prior to use.

Hirers should be aware of the Wet Weather Policy (pdf. 76KB)

The hirer must ensure the site is left in good order and condition after the hire period by ensuring the premises are clean and tidy, all rubbish is removed and any damage is reported and repaired.

Council may inspect the hired facility after the hire period to ensure compliance by the hirer. Cost of any works required to make good the facility will be deducted from the bond and/or invoiced additionally.

9. Conduct and noise

Hirers must undertake their permitted activities without adversely impacting on the amenity of neighbours.

The hirer is responsible for the conduct of all people in attendance during the hire period and the maintenance of good order generally. Noise from equipment or activity in the hire area must comply with relevant legislation and policies.

The hirer agrees to ensure that all cars are parked only where permitted, within marked parking spaces. The hirer is responsible for managing the impact of any vehicle or crowd traffic related to their activity.

The hirer is also responsible for the behaviour and quiet departure of all people from the hire area at the end of the hire period. Should the hirer need to leave the facility during the hire period, he/she must nominate a responsible person to act on his/her behalf.

10. Illegal use of Council land and facilities

Occupation and usage is always subject to permanent hire agreements. 

Council reserves the right to remove all unauthorised non-Council locks, and remove and dispose of any equipment left in any Council-owned building. Council is not responsible for any loss or damage of property.

All hirers must comply with relevant Council policies, bylaws and legislation. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the hire agreement, a Council ranger or officer, Council policies, bylaws and legislation can result in the termination of a hire agreement, punitive charges or prosecution.

It is prohibited to bring any chemicals or hazardous substances into any Council facilities.

11. No smoking agreement

Smoking is banned in all facilities and lands owned by Council. It is also prohibited within 10 metres of all children's play areas under Council's care. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to manage this ban and encourage people attending the event to support the no-smoking policy.

Smoke-free Ku-ring-gai

12. Indemnity and insurance

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that a Public Risk Policy (Public Liability Policy) to the value of $20 million covers the period of hire. The policy must name Council and the relevant Minister as interested parties.

The hirer must indemnify Council and relevant interested parties from and against:

  • all actions, suits, claims, demands and costs, charges, damages and expenses to which Council may become liable for
  • the death of any person
  • any loss, accident or injury of whatsoever nature or kind, whether to property or persons 

The hirer must provide evidence of insurance prior to booking confirmation. The hirer is not to void the insurance at any time during the hire period. 

13. Cancellations and rescheduling

All cancellations or alterations to booking arrangements must be made in writing. The following fees apply:

  • Where two weeks or more notice is given, there will be no charge
  • Where less than two weeks notice is given, the hire fee for the booking will be charged in full, or the hirer may select an alternative date or facility. The booking fee will be charged for confirming new bookings.

Council reserves the right to:

  • cancel any booking within two weeks 
  • cancel any booking if the venue is unfit for purpose 
  • relocate hirers to another facility or venue fit for purpose with reasonable notice
  • cancel any function if deemed necessary by the General Manager
  • refuse bookings for functions it deems inappropriate

Council will not be liable for any loss or damage in consequence of the exercise of this right. 

The booking fee is non-refundable. 

14. Alcohol consumption

The sale or consumption of alcohol is prohibited unless the hirer is legally licensed.

The hirer should display any liquor permit at all times during the hire period when alcohol is being consumed. Hirers are required to complete a Consumption of Alcohol Permit, to be obtained from NSW Police or Council.

No glass containers must be used or sold on Council-owned and/or managed sportsgrounds.

15. Sale of food on Council land

Council's Temporary Food Stalls Code and Mobile Food Van Code and the NSW Food Authority's standards, guidelines and regulations will be applied.

Any organisations planning to prepare and sell cooked or heated foods must contact Council's Environmental Health Officers on 9424 0000 to discuss food hygiene requirements. An inspection may be required at the hirer's cost. Details of inspections and fees can be obtained from the Environmental Health Officers.

16. Advertising

Advertising for functions or activities must be conducted in accordance with the State Environment Planning Code for Event Advertising and Signage, the Local Government Act 1993 and associated acts.

17. Decorations and structures

Approval from Council is required for the erection of decorations, streamers, bunting, flags or structures on the hired facility.

18. Electrical installations

Council approval is required prior to installation of any electrical equipment. All electrical equipment is required to be properly tagged and tested.

19. Equipment storage

Storage of equipment at Council facilities is permitted only with a current licence agreement or seasonal facilities rental contract.

Council reserves the right to remove and dispose of any equipment left in hire facilities without Council consent and to forward charges for the removal cost to the hirer.

20. Council access to facilities

Council reserves the right for its officers or agents to access any Council facility at any time for inspection or maintenance purposes.

21. Penalty charges

Penalty charges apply if:

  • the premises, its facilities or surrounds are not left in a clean and tidy condition after each hire period
  • chairs and tables are not put away in the correct storage areas (unless prior arrangement has been made with Council staff) at the end of each hire period
  • doors and/or windows are not properly secured and lights and/or heaters are left on after each hire period
  • garbage is not correctly disposed of at the end of each hire period
  • hirers access a facility before the start of their hire period or fail to vacate the premises at the end of their hire period

Penalty hire rate will be calculated at twice the appropriate hourly rate for a minimum of 12 hours.

Hirers will be invoices for payment of penalty charges. If penalty charges remain unpaid after 21 days, the matter will be referred to Council's debt collection agency and further hire periods will be cancelled.