Temporary licence

Temporary licences are for exclusive use of a facility for 12 months, generally commencing on 1 January each year. Temporary licences are available for:

  • exclusive use of a community building for delivery of community services identified in Council's Community Plan (pdf. 1MB)
  • use as defined under the Crown Lands Act and Crown Lands Regulation, e.g. equestrian events, exhibitions, sales, markets, sports, organised recreation activities
  • short-term use of a Council facility such as a canteen or storage room for a purpose consistent with the relevant Plan of Management
  • short-term use of a Council facility that would otherwise be vacant
  • short-term use to allow a service to demonstrate that it can meet community needs identified with access to a community facility

Facilities available for temporary licence are:

  • community rooms within larger facilities with shared access to common areas such as toilets and kitchens
  • small, free-standing properties available for community services
  • St Ives Showground for uses consistent with the Plan of Management and Crown Lands Act
  • Crown Lands
  • vacant community facilities

Contact us on 9424 0719 for more info on applying for a temporary licence.