Children's reading sections

 Children's books

Our libraries have books to cater to all ages and reading levels. We have split them into the following sections as a guide to help you find the books that suit you best!

However with such an extended age range, remember it is always wise to look through the book carefully before making your choice.

Junior fiction

Picture books

Children's Non-Fiction

Children's Audio Visual

Junior fiction

EG: Early junior fiction

This fiction category, with green spots on the spine, has been created for children who are becoming more independent in their reading or want to start reading chapter style books.

These books also work well with reluctant readers or children with reading difficulties. Audio Cd's are also available.

JF: Junior fiction

This fiction category caters to the independent reader, who may fall into the age range of 8-12 years.

Books in this section cover a wide range of writing styles and themes and are alphabetically arranged.

Again audio books are available in CD and MP3 format.

JPB: Junior paperbacks

In paperback format, with their bright orange fluoro sticker, the JPB ranges are kept separately. They are filed in broad alphabetical order, intended as a browsing collection.

Picture books

E: Picture books for young children

These books cater for children aged 0-8 years.

Books are in many formats (board, flaps, etc) and sizes, ranging from simple short stories to more complicated story lines and language.

EB: Picture books for beginning readers

With a blue spot on their spine, these books contain simple repetitive language and are designed for children in the early stages of learning to read.

Children's Non-Fiction

J or JQ + Dewey No, ENF + Dewey No.

The main collection is interfiled with the adult non-fiction at each library, except at Turramurra where it is a separate collection. It is easily identified by the 'J' prefix and covers all areas of knowledge for Grade 4 level through to the end of high school.

We also have an easy non-fiction section tailored for children up to Grade 4 which is also kept in the children's areas and available at all branches.Students who speak English as a second language may also find these books useful.

Children's Audio-Visual

JDVD: Junior Digital Video Disc

Stories, animation and drama in DVD format are kept at all libraries. .

Non-fiction DVD's suitable for children are also kept at all branches.

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