Applying for Family Day Care

Complete our online waitlist form below to apply for a placement.


When you are informed of an opening with an educator you will be asked to come into Council Chambers for a placement interview.

When this happens please complete the below Family Day Care Child Enrolment form.

If you have any queries contact our Family Day Care on 02 9424 0834 or email

Educator's program

Our educators cater their program around each child’s individual needs and aim to:

  • Encourage learning
  • Improve social skills
  • Promote physical growth
  • Maintain emotional stability

What do children do in Family Day Care

In Family Day Care, your children learn through play and exploration while mixing with a small group of children. 

Activities children may participate in include storytelling, singing, playing games, visiting the park, going to the library or dropping by other educator's homes.

Some educators choose to attend Family Day Care play sessions with their day care group every week, which provide children with an opportunity to play with a larger group of children.

Hours and days

Educators set their own days and hours of operation, though most educators operate their child care service at a minimum of eight hours per day.

Care can sometimes be offered during the evening, overnight, on weekends, 24 hours and on a short-term basis, depending on the educator's availability.

Number of children in care

Educators are licensed to care for up to seven children per day. This includes four pre-school children and three school aged children up to 12 years.

Cost of care

Fees are set by individual educators and details of fees and charges are available on inquiry to the educator or Coordination unit.

Families may be eligible to receive a fee reduction through the Child Care Subsidy.

Click here for more information on the Child Care Subsidy


Parents will be asked to provide evidence of their child's current immunisation history record when registering for our services. On days when an outbreak of contagious illness occurs in a educator's home, children who have not been immunised appropriately will not be able to attend.

For more information about immunisation for children, please click on the following link.

NSW Government - Childcare and pre-school entry & immunisation