Parent reviews

Hongping in Lindfield

Our daughters have happily attended Hongping's family day care for the past two years. Hongping, with her educational qualifications, experience as a mother and warm nature, continues to provide a nurturing, stimulating, caring and inclusive environment for our daughters. I have continued to be impressed with Hongping's unwavering dedication, enthusiasm and interest in each of the children under her care. She is consistently providing the children with new learning opportunities whether it be through craft, role play, visits to the park, planting vegetables, reading books or free play. My daughters have thrived in Hongping's bilingual Mandarin-English environment, developing stronger verbal communication skills in both languages. I would highly recommend Hongping's family day care to anyone with young children.

Wendy C

Mama Hongping is not only a great educator she is also loving & very caring. The daily updates are the best - putting us at ease when at work knowing our son is learning while having lots of fun. We are so sad that after 2 wonderful years we have moved away and are unable to continue care in this great environment. We miss her and her lovely family very much.

Elizabeth S

We came to Hongping after a major negligent incident happened with a large well known childcare at Pymble. After seeing my daughter suffered two months in the hospital, it reminded me the priority should be nothing but safety. For the past two years, my daughter were well look with no single incident. My comment, this is not a money making factory, this is a family day care with “real” love and “real” care!

Barry T

My son has been with Hongping for 18 months since he was 1, and has thrived in this time. I have found Hongping to be a wonderful teacher and most importantly a very loving and kind carer for my child. I cannot recommend this daycare highly enough.

Jenny M 

Tania in St Ives

I am beyond fortunate to have found Tania’s service in St Ives, to care for our little girl. It’s been over 15 months now and our daughter just loves her caregiver and she tells her so. She’s always in safe hands! I never have to worry as I know she’s being nurtured and well cared for. You can’t compare family day care to any other paid care. It’s so personal. The daily updates are specific to your child. And we love our outings to ‘playgroup’ so much variation, your child can only blossom in their environment. There are never enough words of thanks to our angel Tania.

Simone M 

Janice in Mount Colah

'Janice has been the kindest, most caring and nurturing caregiver we could ever imagine for our beautiful and sensitive daughter. She has always provided a loving place to grow and learn, and involved us as parents in the days activities with a comprehensive and personal daily update which we look forward to seeing each day. She has been the most positive influence outside of our own family on our daughter and we couldn't be more thankful to her for helping our daughter adjust to child care in such a safe and loving way. She has the patience of a saint! You have given our daughter the best start to her childcare years and we are forever grateful to you for providing her such a lovely home away from home when we are at work.'

Heidi M

Elaine in Killara

'Elaine has been such a warm, caring and enthusiastic carer for my son. He loves going there and even my 2 older daughters love coming along for pickups just so they can say "hi" to her. She has created a fun and stimulating environment for the children and I know that they are very well loved and taken care of during the day. They have lots of different toys and equipment to play with and she does different activities like craft, painting etc with them too. I would highly recommend Elaine to anyone and everyone!'

Janet L

Munira in East Killara

'My daughter attends gigglecare on an occasional basis and loves it!! The facilities and resources are beautiful, stimulating and well maintained. It is wonderful to have peace of mind that I can leave my daughter with someone who is so warm, loving and nurturing and has so much knowledge and passion about early childhood education. Thank you gigglecare for educating and caring for my child it has been a joy to watch my daughter grow in confidence and blossom.'

Neary D

Ankin in St Ives

'We are incredibly happy with the education and care Ankin has given our 18 month old son. She is very attentive and considerate. She goes above and beyond to meet our son's unique needs (especially regarding feeding issues). She provides more tailored, personal care than large childcare facilities can. She is flexible, adaptable and communicates all concerns promptly. Our son is always happy to go and there are never any tears of grumbles at drop off. Very glad we chose to send our son to Ankin for care. She is very experienced and is a great support to our whole family.'

Linda G

Teresa in North Turramurra

'Our 3 year old son has been attending North Turramurra Family Day Care since January 2014. He is happy to go each day and we can highly recommend Teresa's attention and care. Teresa was really helpful and understanding in helping us to toilet train our son. Teresa has created a warm and safe dedicated space for children. Our son especially loves the sand pit in her large grassed yard. Thanks Teresa!'


Chris C 

Tania in St Ives

'My daughter attended family day care with Tania from when she was 6 months until she started school. There was never any tears about going, she looked forward to every day as it really was her second family. I can not express my thanks enough to Tania for supporting my daughter's growth in such a nurturing environment and helping to turn her into the caring confident polite and well adjusted child she is now.'

Barbara R

Tania in St Ives

'After my older two children went through the day care system I was looking for alternative child care arrangements for my third child. A friend passed on Tania's details and I now recommend Family Day Care to everyone. Tania took my son on from the age of 6 months right through to school age. My son was well cared for in a safe, happy, educational and fun environment. The care Tania provided was above and beyond and I could not have returned to work (eventually in a full time capacity) without her. I am forever thankful to Tania.'

Caroline P