Supporting documents for Child Enrolment Form

Attach immunisation history

As required under new Commonwealth Government regulations, we must now sight and keep a copy of each child's immunisation history statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register.

A copy of your child’s immunisation history statement from the Immunisation Register must be received in order for us to process and confirm your booking.

We can no longer accept photocopy of immunisation booklets

You can obtain a copy of your child's immunisation details at any time through Medicare Online Services, at your local DHS Service Centre or by calling the Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809*. We believe Medicare Online Services will provide a quicker response than having your register mailed to you.

Learn more about the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

Children with asthma or anaphylaxis

If parents identify on the enrolment form that their child has been diagnosed with asthma or anaphylaxis they are required, under the Education and Care Services Regulation to provide an Anaphylaxis and/or Asthma Action Plan to the centre. This action plan must be completed by your child's doctor.

The plan must be attached to your enrolment form, or given to the service director prior to commencement of care. This only needs to be provided once, or as updated by the doctor.

Download the Anaphylaxis Action Plan and find out more information about anaphylaxis by visiting Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy.

Download the Asthma Action Plan and find out more information about asthma by visiting the Asthma foundation.