Activities in halls

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Mother-to-mother support group

Location: Gordon Library Meeting Room 2

Contact: Penny Bayl

Telephone: 0432 248 105

Email: Penny Bayl

Website: Australian Breastfeeding Association

(The) Australian Dancers' Guild Inc.

Hip Hop and Breakdancing classes

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Contact: Angela Lau

Telephone: 0416 053 169

Email: Angela Lau

Barbara Haywood Music School

Group violin classes

Location: Gordon Library Meeting Room 1

Contact: Barbara Hayward

Telephone: 9498 5419

Email: Barbara Hayward

Bujinkan Graf Dojo

Traditional Japanese Martial Art

Location: St Ives Community Hall and Lindfield Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Tony Graf - 15th Dan Master

Telephone: 0418 256 863

Email: Tony Graf

Computer Pals for Seniors

Location: Turramurra Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Margaret Ball

Telephone: 9983 0774

Email: Margaret Ball

Website: Computer Pals for Seniors

Cox Academy of Irish Dance

Location: Ku-ring-gai Town Hall

Contact: Suzanne Cox

Telephone: 0412 684 325

Email: Suzanne Cox

Evolution Jujutsu @ Fushicho Martial Arts

Self Defence martial arts classes

5 – 7, 8 – 11, 12 – 17 years

Location: Turramurra Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Marice Knapman

Telephone: 0416 13 13 25

Email: Marice Knapman

Website: Evolution Jujutsu @ Fushicho Martial Arts

Fechtschule Sankt Peter

School of historical - medieval & early modern - fencing

Location: Ku-ring-gai Town Hall

Contact: Andrew Brew

Telephone: 0411 329 875

Email: Andrew Brew

Website: Fechtschule Sankt Peter

Feldenkrais Movement Classes

Gentle movement lessons for people of all ages promoting ease of movement, an increased sense of vitality and feelings of peaceful relaxation

Location: Lindfield Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact 1: Christine Heberlein

Telephone: 0402 965 918

Email: Christine Heberlein

Contact 2: Jillian Alsford

Telephone: 9416 7505

Email: Jillian Alsford

Website: Feldenkrais Movement Class

Fellowship of First Fleeters - Arthur Phillip Chapter

Monthly meeting of descendants of the Sydney First Fleet

Location:  Gordon Library Meeting Room 2

Contact: Gillian Doyle

Telephone: 9440 5340 or 0407 446 144

Email: Fellowship of First Fleeters

Website: Fellowship of First Fleeters

Footloose Performance Studios

Weekly dance classes ages 15 months - adults

Location:  Turramurra Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Candice Arnold

Telephone: 9443 4593

Email: Footloose Performance Studios

Website: Footloose Performance Studios


Pilates mat classes

Location:  Turramurra Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Anja Lineen

Telephone:  0403 335 950

Email: Anja Lineen 

Website: GoForFit 

Happy Chinese Mandarin Learning Centre

Mandarin classes for children

Location: Ku-ring-gai Library Meeting Room 1

Contact: Nancy Zhou

Telephone: 0433 589 696

Email:  Nancy Zhou

Website:  Happy Chinese

Healthy Lifestyle

Exercises for seniors run by Northern Sydney Local Health

Location: Lindfield Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Teresa Gray

Telephone: 8877 5302

Hillbillies Cloggers

Dance classes

Location: West Pymble Community Hall

Contact: Vickie Dean

Telephone: 0411 751 186

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Community College

Thursday morning Pilates classes

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Telephone: 9482 1189

Email: Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Community College

Website: Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Community College 

Iai Jutsu

Martial Art School of Japanese Sword technique

Location: East Roseville Community Hall

Contact: Stephen Lindley

Telephone: 0411 543 535

Email: Stephen Lindley

Itty Bitty Dance

Dance tuition for pre-school aged children 1 - 6 years old

Location: East Lindfield Community Hall

Contact: Meghan Simpson 

Telephone: 0421 571 144

Email: Itty Bitty Dance

Website: Itty Bitty Dance

Jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dancing

Aerobic dancing for all ages - teenagers through to grandparents

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Contact: Janet Nixon - Instructor

Telephone: 9712 0555

Email: Jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dancing

Website: Jacki Sorensen's Aerobic Dancing

JEI Learning Centre


Location: St Ives Library Meeting Room

Contact: Jessica Kim

Telephone: 0411 102 211

Email: Jessica Kim

Website: JEI Learning Centre

(The) Jungle Body

Fitness class combining cardio, boxing, dance & toning - set to hip-hop & R&B music

Location: West Pymble Community Hall

Contact: Amitie

Telephone: 0403 667 738

Email: Amitie

Karate for Kids

Karate class for kids of all ages

Location: West Lindfield Community Hall

Contact: Caroline Manly

Telephone: 0412 305 959

Website: Karate for Kids

Ku-ring-gai Art Society

Last Monday of the month - visual arts

Location: Ku-ring-gai Town Hall Meeting Room

Contact:  Caroline Oesterheld - Treasurer

Telephone:  0438 887 202

Email:  Caroline Oesterheld

Website: Ku-ring-gai Art Society

Ku-ring-gai Bridge Club Inc

Biweekly bridge days - Monday and Wednesday mornings

Location: Ku-ring-gai Community Groups Meeting Room

Contact:  Bev Whitelaw

Telephone:  9418 1589 or 0413 279 493

Email:  Bev Whitelaw

Ku-ring-gai Horticultural Society Inc.

Garden club

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Contact:  Christine Rethers - Secretary

Telephone:  9449 6245

Email:  Christine Rethers

Website: Ku-ring-gai Horticultural Society Inc.

Ku-ring-gai Neighbourhood Centre

English conversation group - second Tuesday of the month

Location: St Ives Library Meeting Room

Contact:  Mrs Ann Iles

Telephone:  9988 4966

Email:  Mrs Ann Iles

Website: Ku-ring-gai Neighbourhood Centre

Ku-ring-gai Orchid Society Inc.

Monthly meetings

Location: West Lindfield Community Hall

Contact:  Kevin Crocker

Telephone:  9484 7072

Email:  Kevin Crocker

Website:  Ku-ring-gai Orchid Society Inc.

Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra

Location: Ku-ring-gai Town Hall

Contact:  Liz Wilson - President

Email:  Liz Wilson

Website:  Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra

Ku-ring-gai School of Dance

Weekly dance classes - ballet, tap, jazz, flamenco, hip hop

Location: West Pymble Community Hall

Contact: StellaMarié Kruize

Phone: 0422 087 837

Email: Ku-ring-gai School of Dance

Website: Ku-ring-gai School of Dance

Ku-ring-gai Youth Orchestra

Location: Ku-ring-gai Town Hall

Email: Ku-ring-gai Youth Orchestra

Website: Ku-ring-gai Youth Orchestra


Lady Game Community Kindergarten

Location: West Lindfield Community Hall

Contact: Melissa Wilson

Telehone: 9416 5707

Email: Melissa Wilson

Website: Lady Game Community Kindergarten

Little Kickers

Football based activities for pre-schoolers

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Telephone: 8006 1839

Email: Little Kickers

Website: Little Kickers

Mandarin Stars

Mandarin classes for pre-school and primary school children

Location: Gordon Library Meeting Room 2

Contact: Dai Lin

Email: Dai Lin

Marian Street Theatre for Young People

Drama classes from 3 years to adult

Location: Lindfield Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Margie McCrae

Telephone: 9420 4488

Email: Margie McCrae

Website: Marian Street Theatre for Young People

Merry Makers Australia

Dance classes for the disabled

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Contact: Janet Macfarlane

Telephone: 4356 1097

Email: Merry Makers Australia

Website: Merry Makers Australia

Movement Matters

Gentle exercise and fitness classes for seniors - open to both men and women

Locations: St Ives Community Hall and East Lindfield Community Hall

Contact: Len Macpherson

Telephone: 9488 5265

Email: Len Macpherson

Website: Movement Matters

Mystique Moksha

Yoga and meditation.

Locations: Gordon Library Meeting Room 2

Contact: Nivriti Gargya

Telephone: 0401 376 141

Email: Nivriti Gargya

Website: Movement Matters

Namaskar Yoga

Yoga Classes

Location: Gordon Library Meeting Room 1

Contact: Malabi Banerji

Telephone: 8411 1266

Parents of Deaf Children Inc.

Monthly meetings

Location: Gordon Library Meeting Room 1

Contact: Anna Iacono

Telephone: 9871 3049 (Monday & Tuesdays)

Email: Anna Iacono

Website:  Parents of Deaf Children Inc.

Premier Dance School

Jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, hip hop for boys and musical theatre classes for all ages

Location: West Pymble Community Hall

Contact: Lynette King

Telephone: 0437 737 967

Rascals Musical Society

Children's musical theatre

Location: Lindfield Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Zoe Landis

Telephone: 0428 456 303

Email: Zoe Landis

Website: Rascals Musical Society

Ready Steady Go Kids

Multi sports program for 2.5 – 6 year olds

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Contact: Jerome Lee ("Coach J")

Telephone: 0414 924 086

Email: Jerome Lee

Website: Ready Steady Go Kids

Rock'n Soul Choir

Location: Ku-ring-gai Town Hall

Contact: Susie Loh

Telephone: 0431 200 500

Email: Susie Loh

Website: Rock'n Soul Choir

Ryan Academy of Irish Dance

Location: West Pymble Community Hall

Contact: Megan Ryan-Burke

Telephone: 0402 741 508

Email: Megan Ryan-Burke

Ruth Orkin School of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga classes

Location: Ku-ring-gai Community Groups Meeting Room

Contact: Ruth Orkin

Telephone: 9888 9131

Email: Ruth Orkin

Sahaja Yoga

Weekly meditation

Location: Gordon Library Meeting Room 1

Contact: Leanne Huet

Telephone: 0433 766 617

Senisuara Women’s A Cappella Choir

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Contact: Anna Humberstone

Telephone: 0433 024 354

Email: Anna Humberstone

Website: Senisuara Women’s A Cappella Choir

Suigetsu Iaido Club

Martial arts classes

Location: West Pymble Community Hall

Contact: Ruth Franklin

Telephone: 0410 602 690

Email: Ruth Franklin

St John Ambulance - Ku-ring-gai Division

First aid services & training

Location: Lindfield Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Christina Ryan

Email: Christina Ryan

Website: St John Ambulance - Ku-ring-gai Division

Sydney Academy of Chess

Chess club for children

Locations: Ku-ring-gai Town Hall (Competition - last Saturday of the month)

St Ives Library Meeting Room (Club - term times every Wednesday)

Contact: Brett Tindall

Email: Brett Tindall

Website: Sydney Academy of Chess

Takemusu Aiki Association Inc.

Aikido martial arts classes

Location: Ku-ring-gai Town Hall

Contact: Derek Minus

Telephone: 9488 8818

Email: Derek Minus

Website: Aikido Australia

Turramurra Spinners & Weavers

Spinning and textile crafts

Location: Turramurra Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Valerie O'Hara

Telephone: 9477 2802

Email: Valerie O'Hara

TK Martial Arts Academy

Tai chi group

Location: Lindfield Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Chongwei Zhang

Telephone: 0468 952 605

Email: Chongwei Zhang

Website: TK Martial Arts Academy 

TRX Group Training

Fitness classes

Location: St Ives Community Hall

Contact: Maria Ginestra

Telephone: 0412 897 502

Email: Maria Ginestra

Website: TRX Group Training

Turramurra Seniors Carpet Bowling Group

Monday mornings - all welcome

Location: Turramurra Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Violet Strain

Telephone: 9449 8703

Whang's Black Belt Taekwondo Academy

Self defence classes

Location: East Lindfield Community Hall

Contact: Grand Master Whang

Telephone: 0413 631 455

Email: Grand Master Whang

Website: Whang's Black Belt Taekwondo Academy  

Yoga Lifestyle

Weekly yoga classes

Location: Turramurra Community (Seniors) Centre

Contact: Nalini

Telephone: 0429 852 755

Email:  Nalini


Last updated: July 2016