Living with our Wildlife

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Council Event

For : N/A
21 May 2018 at  6:30 PM  -8:00 PM
Where: Ku-ring-gai Council Chambers
818  Pacific Highway, Gordon
Contact details:
Contact Person:Sustainability Team
Telephone: 9424 0893
Website: N/A
Cost: Free


Bev Young from Sydney Wildlife has been a volunteer wildlife carer and educator for 20 years. She is passionate about community education for the preservation of our natural environment.

Bev will inspire us all on how we can live in harmony with our wonderful wildlife?  What can we do about possums in the roof, brush turkeys taking over our gardens and magpies swooping? How can we save our wildlife from the dangers we humans inflict? Come with your questions!

Hopefully Bev can bring along a wildlife friend or two.

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