Portrait in clay sculpture workshop

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For : Adults, Seniors, 
13 Oct 2019 at  10:00 AM  -4:30 PM
20 Oct 2019 at  10:00 AM  -4:30 PM
27 Oct 2019 at  10:00 AM  -4:30 PM
03 Nov 2019 at  10:00 AM  -4:30 PM
Where: Ku-ring-gai Art Centre
3  Recreation Ave, Roseville
Contact details:
Contact Person:Ku-ring-gai Art Centre
Telephone: 9424 0310
Email: artcentre@kmc.nsw.gov.au
Website: Ku-ring-gai Art Centre
Cost: $560*


Tutor - Genie Casis

Creating true likeness in portrait sculpture requires more skill than just producing features, you must also capture the spirit of your subject.

These are aspects of the art many sculptors find difficult.

This 4 day intensive course is for beginners to intermediate students that want to create a lifelike portrait sculpture in clay exploring the anatomy of the face, proportions, features, and expressions.

  • Students will make individual samples of the features eg. eyes, ears, mouth, nose etc; to then fire and keep for reference.
  • A life model will be brought in for one day as our muse.
  • Students must purchase a sculpture tool from the teacher for $15 and clay on the days of the workshop (please bring cash). The tutor will supply armature props.
  • *Price includes firing of work and 1 model session.

This workshop is a great gift idea for a loved one.