Tenderlink (eTenders)

Public tenders must be invited for purchases over $150K unless exempt from tendering under Section 55 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Each tender will have a Contact Officer nominated as a primary contact for all enquiries and will be advertised in the North Shore Times (end of week)  and Sydney Morning Herald (Tues/Wed/Sat). All tenders are first released on a Tuesday and close at 2pm on a Tuesday normally 4 weeks from the release date.

Information and documentation in relation to tenders is available on our e-Tendering Website. This is a free service where you can register to receive emails about new tenders and view details for tenders received. It also allows suppliers to download and upload tender documentation. Please note fees apply in accordance with estimated value of works and based on documentation provided where fees apply to provision of those documents, e.g. royalties for Australian Standards contracts.

Contact us

For all other enquiries, send an email to tenders@kmc.nsw.gov.au