Resourcing Strategy 2019-2029

The Resourcing Strategy is the link between the long-term Community Strategic Plan and the medium-term Delivery Program. 

It details how the strategic aspirations of Ku-ring-gai can be achieved in terms of time, money, people and assets and is designed to be a living document to reflect changing financial and asset information. 

Initiatives within the Strategy are reviewed annually to ensure relevance in a changing environment and to incorporate community feedback. The strategy includes a 10-year Long-Term Financial Plan, a 10-year Asset Management Strategy and a 10-year Workforce Management Strategy.

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Long Term Financial Plan*

Asset Management Strategy*

Workforce Management Strategy*

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Download the plans

Resourcing Strategy 2019-2029 (revision July 2019) (pdf. 15MB)

Resourcing Strategy 2019-2029 (adopted May 2019) (pdf. 15MB)

Long Term Financial Plan 2019-2029 (revision July 2019) (pdf. 3MB)

Long Term Financial Plan 2019-2029 (adopted May 2019) (pdf. 3MB)

Asset Management Strategy 2019-2029 (pdf. 5MB)

Workforce Management Strategy 2019-2029 (pdf. 3MB)

Past plans

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