Council Meeting round up for Tuesday 22 October

Published on 22 October 2019

Here are the key decisions and outcomes on Council reports from the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 22 October.

If you would like to learn more about a particular issue or decision visit our Council’s Business paper page for more information. Council Meetings are now livestreamed and stored on our website for one month following the meeting. You can view a video of the latest Council Meeting here

  • Received and referred the following petitions to the appropriate Council officer for attention.
    • Construction of a footpath, pedestrian crossing and introduction of a no stopping zone next to Pymble Ladies' College on Avon Road
    • For a no parking zone on Kitchener Street St Ives to be extended 
    • To keep natural grass at Mimosa Oval Turramurra
  • Delegations of authority were granted to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. These additional functions assist with the smooth functioning of the Mayoral Office and can be viewed here.
  • The tabling of the Disclosure of Interest Returns Register was noted.
  • Appointed Councillor Christine Kay as the second alternative NSROC delegate.
  • The Minutes from the Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee meetings held on 27 June and 12 September were received.
  • Council received the audited Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2019 and the external auditors report from the Audit Office of NSW.
  • Adopted a revised Investment Policy. Key changes to the policy can be reviewed here. 
  • Received Council’s Investment Report for September  2019, which provides a  summary of investments and performance.
  • Due to low levels of reporting and activity of feral cats, Council resolved to not continue with a cat trapping program. Council will still continue with its responsible cat ownership education program. It will also continue to  liaise with NSW Government to pursue amendments to the Companion Animals Act 1998 to prohibit the roaming and straying of cats.
  • Endorsed that the Draft Urban Forest Policy be placed on public exhibition. The draft policy covers all trees and vegetation as well as the soil and water that support these.
  • The updates to the following policies were adopted:
    • Dividing Fences Adjoining Council Land Policy
    • Temporary Access Over Community Land Policy
    • Private Use of Road Reserves and Nature Strip Policy
  • The Project Status Report for July, August and September 2019 was noted, which outlines progress on key projects in Ku-ring-gai. Once finalised this report will be made available here.
  •  Following the results of the public exhibition on Draft Ku-ring-gai Creative Arts Facilities Strategy, it was resolved that Council  undertake a final study to determine a preferred option and strategy. The study will include high-level design concepts, cost estimates, a cost/benefit analysis and financial analysis of Options 2 and 3. View more information on the options here. 
  • Endorsed placing the Robert Pymble Park draft Landscape Masterplan on public exhibition. The draft plan focuses on conserving and enhancing the park, and introducing additional facilities to improve amenity, improve access and increase user comfort.
  • Endorsed placing the draft Recreation in Natural Areas Strategy on public exhibition. The draft Strategy provides a management framework for the provision and support of a diverse range of recreation opportunities in the natural areas of Ku-ring-gai, in a way that protects and enhances our local environment.
  • Received the Minutes of the Flood Risk Management Committee  meeting held on 27 August 2019.
  • Endorsed placing the draft Community Participation Plan for public exhibition. The NSW Government requires Council to prepare a Community Participation Plan, to set out how and when we will engage with our community on the planning functions Council performs.
  • Adopted the concept design for St Johns Avenue Streetscape Upgrade, with the aim of tendering for construction in mid-2020. St Johns Avenue is set to become an ‘eat-street’ destination, with works to include new landscaping, widened footpaths, street furniture and an improved layout and lighting for outdoor dining.
  • Accepted the preferred tenderer to carry out the Golf Professional Management Services at North Turramurra Golf Course for a four year contract.
  • Council declined to accept any of the tenders received for the Processing and Marketing of Recyclables. The General Manager will instead enter into negotiations with any person (whether or not the person was a tenderer) with a view to entering into a contract.
  • Accepted the preferred tenderer to carry out processing and Marketing of Councils collected Vegetation Waste for an eight  year contract.
  • Accepted the preferred tenderer to carry out the Gordon Recreation Ground playground upgrade.
  • Approved the Annual Program of Conferences for future attendance by Councillors. View schedule here.
  • Endorsed the statutory exhibition of a draft Planning Agreement in relation to the Roseville Memorial Club’s proposed redevelopment and Council’s land at Roseville.  Councli also resolved that a report be brought back to Council following the completion of the statutory exhibition process including the offer to purchase Council land.