Councils' road safety calendar message - "It's easy as"

Published on 8 November 2017

A group of northern Sydney councils have unveiled a new road safety calendar using a blend of retro images and humour to convey some serious safety messages.

The 2018 calendar brings a fresh and stylish approach to explaining road safety rules in a way that will end forever those dinner party arguments.  

The calendar also lifts the lid on impact speed/braking times for wet and dry conditions that will make you sit up and take notice. Plus, there’s a definitive explanation of mobile phone use and emergency contact numbers. 

Month-by-month topics covered are:

  • January: Roundabouts
  • February: Sharing the road
  • March: Inside car safety
  • April: Truckies’ wish list
  • May: No parking 
  • June: Life in the bus lane
  • July: Floodwater dangers
  • August: Shared pathways
  • September: Merging
  • October: Driveway safety
  • November: Distracted pedestrians
  • December: Buckle up your precious cargo

City of Ryde Road Safety Officer, Lisa Pears, said: “Using humour is a powerful way to engage with an audience. We saw how people responded to this approach last year when copies of the 2017 calendar were snatched up by the public.  

“Rather than telling people what they should and should not be doing, or attempting to scare them with statistics and gory details of dangerous actions, this campaign encourages people to modify their behaviour through the use of humour, style and old fashion courtesy”.

So, let’s be ‘nice’ and help reduce agro on the roads by being more tolerant and observing the rules. 

The annual Road Safety Calendar is a collaboration of Hornsby, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, Northern Beaches, North Sydney, Ryde and Willoughby Councils. It is available FREE for road users of all ages from Council Libraries, Customer Service and various community locations.

More information about the calendars can be found here.


Media enquiries: Joel Callen Ku-ring-gai Council Ph: 9424 0897 or