Court judgement on forced merger between Ku-ring-gai Council and Hornsby Shire

Published on 27 March 2017

The Court of Appeal has found in favour of Ku-ring-gai Council in a decision handed down today.

Acting Justice Sackville delivered the verdict by a panel of three judges at 10.15am on Monday 27 March, finding that there were reasons in law why the proposal to forcibly merge Ku-ring-gai Council and Hornsby Shire should not proceed in its current form.

Speaking after the judgement was handed down, Mayor Anderson said she was ‘heartened’ by the court’s decision.

“The very real concerns of our Council and residents over this merger have been ignored by the government and we feel vindicated by today’s decision.”

“This merger should not proceed because Ku-ring-gai ratepayers will be robbed of the means to decide how and where our rates are spent - and of any real say in how our local area is managed.”

“We believe the court’s decision signals a turning point for Premier Berejiklian’s government. If they continue with the merger process they will be flying in the face of our community and the court.”

The Mayor said she and her councillor colleagues would wait to see what the state government would do after the court’s decision.

“We will continue to seek meetings with Premier Berejiklian and the Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton to press our case against being forcibly merged with Hornsby,” Mayor Anderson said.

“When Premier Berejiklian was elected as leader of the government she promised to listen to the people. We have had to go to court to get the government to listen to us and I am seeking a change of heart from the Premier on this issue as a matter of urgency.”

The full text of the court's judgement can be read here.


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