Give those turkeys the brush off!

Published on 11 October 2018

With the brush turkey breeding season now underway, Ku-ring-gai Council has some non-harmful tips to dissuade the protected birds from entering gardens.

Brush turkeys are a native species and protected under state and federal laws. With spring on the way birds are eyeing off local gardens as nesting sites.

The Council is reporting an increase in calls from concerned residents who want to know how to deter brush turkeys from building nests in their gardens.

According to the Council’s environmental staff, the male brush turkey will build a large mound out of garden soil, leaf litter and mulch in preparation for the female laying their eggs.

Once a mound is established it can be difficult to remove the birds so the advice is prevention is better than cure.

For residents who are concerned there are some non-harmful ways to deter brush turkeys from nesting without harming the birds.

If the birds haven’t laid their eggs yet, cover the mound with a heavy tarpaulin and weigh it down to prevent the mound from developing.

Other simple prevention methods include using pebble or gravel-based mulches and laying palm fronds over garden beds as brush turkeys dislike them.

Brush turkeys also prefer shaded areas for their mounds so prune back trees and shrubs. Placing mirrors around the garden can also dispel the birds as they are territorial and will see a mirror image of what they think is a challenger.

For more harmless tips on deterring brush turkeys from your garden visit Council's website and type in brush turkey in the search field.



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