Ku-ring-gai Council’s energy savings gather pace

Published on 7 August 2017

The Council is steadily shrinking its energy bill for lighting in streets and public buildings.

Since 2009 the Council’s energy consumption on street lighting has dropped 15%, thanks to its membership of the Street Lighting Improvement Program which 30 Councils in the area served by Ausgrid belong to.  

The reduction has largely been due to the introduction of more efficient LED lights as the replacement streetlight on residential streets. Member Councils worked together to persuade Ausgrid to trial the LED lights instead of fluorescent lighting, which had been the default choice for street lighting.                     

As a result Ausgrid has now installed LED lights in Ku-ring-gai’s residential streets and elsewhere in Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter. A trial of LED lights for main roads such as Pacific Highway, Ryde Road and Mona Vale Road is expected to commence shortly.

Ku-ring-gai Council is also extending LED to its public buildings, with St Ives Library the next to be retrofitted with the energy saving lights.

A recent energy efficiency upgrade of Gordon Library led to a 69% drop in energy consumption and a 50% reduction in electricity costs. 

According to Council staff, lighting at St Ives Library and the adjacent Early Childhood Centre will be replaced with LED lights, with energy costs expected to reduce by 75% as a result. The library will be closed between 1pm and 4pm on Sunday 17 September to enable the LED rollout to be completed.

The lighting improvements complement the Council’s work to improve energy efficiency in public buildings through upgrades to air-conditioning, lighting, appliances, building controls and hot water systems, as well installing rooftop solar systems. 

To date, Ku-ring-gai Council’s energy efficiency program has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by around 13%. The overall aim is to reduce emissions by 2020 to those comparable with the year 2000, through a program of improvements to the Council’s vehicle fleet, street lighting and public buildings.


Media enquiries: Sally Williams, Ku-ring-gai Council Ph: 9424 0982 or sawilliams@kmc.nsw.gov.au