The St Ives International Solid Lance Jousting Tournament

Published on 12 September 2018

Europe's best knights fight for glory on horseback in Sydney.

  • Thursday September 20th, 2018, 10am - 12pm
  • "One of the most dangerous sports in history," The St Ives International Solid Lance Jousting Tournament will take place twice daily on both Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of September, with the tournament winner awarded Sunday afternoon. 
  • Over two days, the Jousting Tournament will see jousters from across the globe attempt to claim the glory of the St Ives medallion. Jousters from across Europe - including Lady Caroline, from Sweden, Michaël Sadde from France, Arne Koets from The Netherlands, Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell from Norway and more - will make the trip to Australia to compete in full armour on horseback.
  • The Joust will also witness the return of Australian champion jouster Sir Phillip Leitch, from Victoria, and his purebred Friesian Stallion, Valiant, as well as reigning champion Cliff Marisma, also of Victoria, who recently won the Tournament of St Michael jousting tournament in France
  • This is the Southern Hemisphere’s only solid lance (wood)  joust. Many jousts are balsa wood jousts. This is no stunt or performance. The steel is real, the wood solid. When the combined weight of a charging warhorse and an armour-clad warrior are concentrated down to the fist-sized coronel on the end of a twelve-foot jousting lance, the impact is no special effect! 


European and Australian jousters, who have arrived in Australia, will run through training practice, including practice runs at each other with lances.

Jousters will be clad in full armour.


The following jousters will be available for interview. Jousters can stay in armour for interview.

  • Lady Caroline - Sweden - the first female to compete in the tournament. Caroline is visiting Australia with her young family.
  • Phillip Leitch - champion jouster Phillip is the arena manager at replica medieval castle Kryal Castle, in Ballarat, and a multiple champion jouster
  • Cliff Marisma - current St Ives Jousting Tournament reigning champion.

Other attractions:

  • Jousting helmets are available for hosts / journalists to try on.
  • Lances will be available to hold.
  • Knights can show journalists and hosts how to handle a lance.
  • Journalists and hosts can be filmed with Valiant, Sir Phillip Leitch's champion stallion.

If you wish to attend, please reply with your crew names and numbers, and a list of equipment you wish to bring, what you wish to film / who you wish to speak to, and we will schedule you in.

Feel free to call with any queries - 0433 257 532.

Faire accreditation

Media Accreditation is also open for Faire days - Saturday September 22 + September 23.  

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For media enquires please contact Dani Marsland at or 9424 0355