Three electric vehicles debut in the Council’s fleet

Published on 23 June 2020

The vehicles are another step in Ku-ring-gai Council’s stated goal of achieving zero emissions by 2040.

The three electric vehicles have replaced petrol-driven vehicles as part of a long term plan that could ultimately see the majority of the Council’s fleet powered by electricity sourced from renewable energy.

Two Renault Kangoo vans and one Hyundai Ioniq went into service earlier this month, for delivery of supplies and use by staff to conduct site visits.

The vehicles are recharged at charging stations at the Council’s Depot in Pymble before going on the road.

Mayor Jennifer Anderson said the initial higher purchase price of the electric vehicles would be completely offset by lower fuel and maintenance costs.

“With increasing amounts of wind and solar energy powering the grid, charging an electric vehicle means lower greenhouse gas emissions compared with petrol or diesel vehicles”. 

Last year Ku-ring-gai Council invited residents to a number of test drives of electric vehicles at the Harts driving centre on Mona Vale Road St Ives, which is owned by the Council.

Mayor Anderson said that once lockdown restrictions completely eased, the test drives could make a return.

“We are keen to spread the word in our community on the benefits of owning and driving electric vehicles”.



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