Abandoned Shopping Trolley Policy (pdf. 913KB)

Access and Equity Policy (pdf. 187KB)

Access and Disability Inclusion Plan 2014 - 2018 (pdf. 4MB)

Acquisition and Divestment of Land Policy.pdf (pdf. 1MB)

Asset Management Plan - Recreational Facilities (pdf. 2MB)

Asset Management Plan - Roads and Transport (pdf. 3MB)

Asset Management Plan - Buildings (pdf. 773KB)

Asset Management Plan - Drainage (pdf. 2MB)

Asset Management Policy (pdf. 149KB)


Banner Display Policy (pdf. 64KB)

Bicycle Management Plan (pdf. 36KB)

Biodiversity Policy (pdf. 298KB)

Bridges Asset Management Plan 2011 (pdf. 2MB)

Bushfire Management Policy (pdf. 4MB)

Bushland Dumping and Encroachment Policy (pdf. 267KB)


Code of Conduct (pdf. 190KB)

Code of Meeting Practice (pdf. 374KB)

Commercial Leasing Policy (pdf. 2MB)

Community Consultation Policy (pdf. 186KB)

Community Facilities Strategy 2018 - Part 1 Libraries and Community Centres (pdf. 2MB)

Community Plan 2005 - 2009 (pdf. 3MB)

Community Use of Council's Community Facilities (pdf. 137KB)

Complaints Management Policy (pdf. 73KB)

Compliance Policy (pdf. 220KB)

Conflict of Interests Policy (pdf. 94KB)

Contaminated Land Policy 2016 (pdf. 341KB) (pdf. 3MB)

Councillor Access to Information and Interaction with Staff  Policy (pdf. 63KB)

Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy (pdf. 184KB)

Councillor Records Management Policy (pdf. 38KB)

Covert Electronic Surveillance for Illegal Dumping Policy (pdf. 146KB)

Cultural Plan (pdf. 883KB)


DISPLAN-Hornsby Ku-ring-gai local Disaster Plan (pdf. 766KB)

Drainage Works and Maintenance Policy and Procedures (pdf. 64KB)


Easement Management Policy.pdf (pdf. 298KB)


Fauna Management Policy (pdf. 198KB)

Fencing Policy (pdf. 31KB)

Filming Protocol (pdf. 353KB)

Footpath Maintenance and Repairs Policy and Procedures (pdf. 60KB)

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy (pdf. 72KB)

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Plan (pdf. 113KB)


Gifts and Benefits Policy (pdf. 87KB)

Graffiti Management Policy (pdf. 411KB)

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Action Plan (pdf. 2MB)


Investment Policy (pdf. 144KB)


Kerb and Gutter Asset Management Plan 2010 (pdf. 339KB)

Ku-ring-gai Hornsby Volunteer Service Policy (pdf. 255KB)

Ku-ring-gai Planning Scheme Ordinance


Landscape Management Policy (pdf. 745KB)

Library Collection Development Plan (pdf. 189KB)

Local Approvals Policy (pdf. 382KB)

Long Term Financial Plan (pdf. 2MB)


Management of Community and Recreation Land and Facilities Policy (pdf. 207KB)

Media and Communications Policy (pdf. 156KB)


Outdoor Dining and Footpath Trading Policy (pdf. 870KB)

Open Space Acquisition Strategy - Part 1 (pdf. 183KB)

Open Space Acquisition Strategy - Part 2 (pdf. 3MB)

Open Space Acquisition Strategy - Part 3 (pdf. 2MB)

Open Space Acquisition Strategy - Part 4 (pdf. 56KB)

Open Space Strategy -people, parks and bushland - pages 1-11 (pdf. 3MB)

Open Space Strategy -people, parks and bushland - pages 12 - 24 (pdf. 3MB)

Open Space Strategy -people, parks and bushland -pages 25-36 (pdf. 2MB)

Overt Electronic Surveillance in Public Places Policy (pdf. 145KB)


Pesticide Notification Plan for Outdoor Public Places (pdf. 156KB)

Planning Agreement Policy (pdf. 701KB)

Privacy Management Plan (pdf. 160KB)

Private Use of Road Reserves and Nature Strips (pdf. 120KB)

Pro Active Tree Management Policy (pdf. 1MB)

Procurement Policy (pdf. 792KB)

Property Development and Investment (pdf. 415KB)

Providing a Service to Customers Policy (pdf. 56KB)

Public art policy (pdf. 186KB) 


Rates and Charges including eligible pensioner reduction recovery policy (pdf. 45KB)

Recreation in Natural Areas Policy (pdf. 327KB)

Relief from Rates Hardship Resulting from Land Valuation Changes Policy (pdf. 30KB)

Road Closure and Sale Procedure for Applicants (pdf. 139KB)

Road Openings Policy (pdf. 14KB)

Road Maintenance and Repairs Policy and Procedures (pdf. 86KB)


School Holiday Program Policies and Procedures (pdf. 2MB)

Smoke-free Ku-ring-gai

Social Impact Assessment Policy (pdf. 748KB)

Sponsorships and Donations Policy (pdf. 208KB)

Sport in Ku-ring-gai Strategy (pdf. 2MB)

Sports Facilities Plan of Management (pdf. 536KB)

Statement of Business Ethics (pdf. 53KB)

Street Furniture and Road Structures Asset Management Plan (2011) (pdf. 397KB)

Sundry Debtors Recovery Policy (pdf. 49KB)

Sustainable Event Management Policy (pdf. 93KB)


Tennis Court Policy (pdf. 31KB)

Temporary Access over Community Land (pdf. 3MB)

Traffic and Transport Policy 2015 (pdf. 1MB)

Tree Management Policy (pdf. 205KB)


Unstructured Recreation Strategy (pdf. 1MB)


Vehicular Access Crossings - Construction and Maintenance Policy (pdf. 13KB)


Water Sensitive City Policy (pdf. 379KB)

Weed Management Policy (pdf. 131KB)

Wet Weather Policy (pdf. 76KB)

Workforce Strategy  (pdf. 5MB)