Apply for access to Council information

If the information you’re after isn’t publicly available, please contact us to find out how to obtain the documents you need.

Information is released in four ways:

Mandatory release

Some information is freely available on our website, such as annual reportsmedia releases and policies.

Proactive release

We make as much information available as possible where appropriate, including information that is in the public interest.

Check documents available

Informal release

You can make a request to access more specialised documents, such as personal information needed by the individual concerned. There is no application/processing charge, but some photocopying fees may apply.

Informal Access to Council Information (pdf. 554KB)

Note: Due to copyright laws, some documents such as architectural plans cannot be photocopied

Formal release

Used as a last resort, you can apply for formal access for information not available in any other way. To apply, lodge the Formal Access to Council Information form, together with a $30 application fee, with Customer Service. There is also a $30 per hour processing charge.

Applicants seeking to access their own personal information receive up to 20 hours processing without additional charge.

Be specific regarding the information you want to access to ensure the correct documents are identified.

Formal Access to Council Information (pdf. 1MB)