Purchase Order terms and conditions

The following conditions apply when supplying goods/services to Ku-ring-gai Council:

Standard of acceptance

The supplies shall be the best of their kind available and they shall conform in all respects with the standard of acceptance established by samples approved by Council or by an appropriate specification. Where the standard of acceptance is not established in this manner the supplies shall be in accordance with the appropriate Australian or British standards specification.

Final inspection for acceptance will be made after delivery and supplies which are not in accordance with the standard of acceptance will be rejected. Where required, provision shall be made by the supplier for the supplies to be inspected and/or tested by Council officers during production and/or before delivery by the supplier.

The decision of Council shall be final.


Delivery of the supplies is to be made as indicated on the order and at the rate specified. If the supplies cannot be delivered in accordance with the instructions, Council is to be notified immediately and right is reserved to cancel this order or any part thereof if delivery is not made within the time specified in the order. Please ensure that goods sent by mail are adequately insured.

Accounts for payment

Claims for payment are to be rendered to the General Manager, Ku-ring-gai Council, with the supplies delivered. Payment of any claim will be without prejudice to Council's right to obtain refund on demand of any amount paid in error, particularly as to standard of acceptance and/or quality. Payment will only be remitted on receipt of a tax invoice for GST purposes. Council's purchase order number must be quoted on all invoices.


Unless advised to the contrary in writing, it is assumed by Council that the manufacturer's warranty applies.

Compliance with government regulations

The price or prices and conditions of supply shall be in compliance with the provisions of appropriate statutes and/or regulations covering the supply of such goods.

Acceptance of order

Unless advised to the contrary in writing, it is assumed by Council that the supplier agrees to accept the price or prices and to comply with the conditions of this order.