Our current logo was adopted in December 2006 and uses colours and symbols representing the landscape and history of Ku-ring-gai.

Elements and symbolism

It is often said that in Ku-ring-gai we live ‘under the canopy’ because of our beautiful tree-lined streetscapes and bushland. The logo prominently features five Sydney Blue Gums, a native tree prominent in Ku-ring-gai, especially within Blue Gum High Forest.

The five trees also represent the five wards of Ku-ring-gai - Gordon, St Ives, Comenarra, Roseville and Wahroonga. The green represents our natural environment and the blue depicts a bright, sunlit sky visible through swaying tree canopies.

The light brown graphic element below the trees acknowledges our Aboriginal history. It includes indigenous symbols for a camp site, mountains, kangaroo, boomerang and emu drawn by Aboriginal artist Nikki McCarthy. It also includes a pair of stingrays found in an Aboriginal rock carving in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The stingrays represent the Guringai people, who are sometimes known as the ‘stingray people’.

The black area represents our land as well as the Aboriginal people who first lived on the land we now call Ku-ring-gai.

'Serviendo guberno'

Our motto, ‘Serviendo guberno’, means ‘I govern by serving’ and has been used since 1928. It reaffirms our fundamental commitment to serving the community and providing leadership.